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How To Make Passport In Indonesia

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PergiPedia.com – Making a passport in Indonesia is a straightforward process.

With the right documents and a little bit of patience, you can quickly and easily obtain a valid Indonesian passport.

This guide outlines the necessary steps and paperwork required in order to make a passport in Indonesia.

It also provides tips and advice on how to best prepare for and navigate the process of obtaining a passport in Indonesia.

With this guide, you will be well on your way to having a valid Indonesian passport in no time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Indonesian Passport

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

In order to apply for an Indonesian passport, you will need to have the following documents ready: a completed passport application form, a valid photo ID, a proof of citizenship (such as a birth certificate or citizenship card) and two passport-sized photos.

Step 2: Visit the Embassy or Consulate

The next step is to visit the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

There, you will be required to submit your application along with all the necessary documents.

Step 3: Pay the Application Fee

Once your application is accepted, you will need to pay the applicable application fee.

The fee varies depending on the type of passport you are applying for.

Step 4: Wait for Processing

It usually takes up to seven days for your passport application to be processed.

During this time, you should not leave the country as your application may be rejected if you do so.

Step 5: Receive Your Passport

Once your passport is ready, you will be able to collect it from the embassy or consulate.

You must bring along a valid photo ID when collecting your passport.

Congratulations! You have now successfully applied for an Indonesian passport.

What Documents Do You Need to Get an Indonesian Passport?

Obtaining an Indonesian passport requires the applicant to supply various documents.

The exact documents required will depend on the individual circumstances of the applicant.

In general, the documents needed to apply for an Indonesian passport include:

  1. A valid identity card (KTP/NIK) or other valid identification document.
  2. A completed passport application form.
  3. Recent passport-sized photos.
  4. A birth certificate.
  5. Documents related to any name changes.
  6. Evidence of Indonesian citizenship (for example, a family card, or other documents that can prove the applicant’s relationship to an Indonesian citizen).
  7. A marriage certificate, if applicable.
  8. Documents related to any previous passports issued.
  9. For minors, a consent letter from both parents or guardians, signed and notarized.
  10. Any other documents the Indonesian authorities may require.

It is important that all the documents are valid, up-to-date, and in the correct format.

The applicant should contact the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate for more information about the specific documents required for the passport application.

How Much Does an Indonesian Passport Cost?

The cost of an Indonesian passport varies according to the applicant’s age and residency status.

For children under the age of 16, the passport fee is IDR 400,000 (approximately USD 27).

For adults aged 16 and above, the cost is IDR 700,000 (approximately USD 47).

For those who have permanent residency in Indonesia, the passport fee is IDR 500,000 (approximately USD 34).

All fees must be paid in local currency at the time of application.

Additional costs may apply for expedited processing and/or delivery.

How to Renew an Indonesian Passport

Renewing an Indonesian passport can be a simple and straightforward process.

However, it is important to understand the requirements and guidelines involved before beginning the application process.

This article will provide an overview of the steps for renewing an Indonesian passport.

First, the applicant must gather the necessary documents.

These include a valid Indonesian ID card, a completed application form, two passport-sized photographs, and the existing passport.

The application form can be obtained from the nearest immigration office or downloaded from the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration.

Next, the applicant must submit the application form and all required documents to the immigration office.

Upon submission, the applicant must pay the processing fee. The fee varies depending on the type of passport requested.

The immigration office will then review the application and documents.

If approved, the passport will be issued within two weeks.

The applicant can then collect the passport from the immigration office.

It is important to note that Indonesian passports are valid for a maximum of five years.

To renew a passport, the applicant must reapply within this period.

Additionally, any changes in personal data must be reported to the immigration office.

By following these steps, an Indonesian citizen can easily renew their passport.

It is important to ensure that all documents are complete and accurate before submitting the application.

Doing so will ensure a smooth and timely renewal process.

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Indonesian Passport

If you have lost or had your Indonesian passport stolen, it is important to take immediate action.

In order to replace the passport, you must provide evidence that you are an Indonesian citizen and meet the requirements of the Indonesian government.

This article will explain the steps you must take to replace a lost or stolen Indonesian passport.

First, you must report the loss or theft of your passport to the Indonesian Immigration Office.

You can do this in person or online.

When reporting, you will need to provide your personal details, passport details and the current address.

Once your passport has been reported as lost or stolen, you must make an appointment with the Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia in your home country.

At this appointment, you must fill out a passport application form and provide a set of documents to prove your identity and citizenship.

These documents include: a valid ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable) and a valid driver’s license.

You must also provide a copy of the police report that was made when you reported the loss or theft.

In some cases, you may also be required to provide additional documents such as a letter from your employer or school, a bank statement, or a utility bill.

Once all the documents have been submitted and approved, your new passport will be issued and sent to you.

The processing time for passport replacements can vary depending on the country you are applying from.

It is important to note that you will be required to pay a fee in order to replace your lost or stolen passport.

The fee varies depending on the type of passport you are applying for and the country you are applying from.

Replacing a lost or stolen Indonesian passport can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

However, by following the steps outlined above and providing the necessary documents, you can ensure that your new passport is issued as quickly as possible.


In conclusion, obtaining a passport in Indonesia is a relatively straightforward process.

You will need to fill out an application form, provide supporting documents, and pay the applicable fee.

You may also need to submit biometric information and a photograph to complete the process.

It is important to ensure that all the necessary requirements are met in order to avoid delays in the application process.

Additionally, you may need to renew your passport periodically to remain in compliance with the Indonesian government’s passport regulations.

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Heru Setianto A nurse who likes to write and share about traveling. Currently an editor and writer at PergiPedia.Com.

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